Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects is the sole authorized body established under the Parliamentary act No,33 of 2009 by The Democratic socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA) is entitled to the following objectives to conduct;

To Develop the profession of landscape Architecture in Sri Lanka to the internationally accepted standards.

To provide leadership and guidance to the profession and to facilitate the profession in fulfilling its vital role in the process of sustainable development, conserving and improving the environment, integrating natural systems, and applying relevant arts and sciences in service to society.

As a non-profit professional association, SLILA’s role is to serve the mutual interests of its members and to serve for well-being of the profession of landscape architecture in Sri Lanka.

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Role of a Landscape Architect

Sri Lankan Landscape Architectural Disciplinary field is yet to become one of the most promising professions along with the associated professions such as architects, Engineers, and Quantity surveyors, etc.

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Find a Professional

If you are willing to increase the value of your landscape design project you should select a qualified professional with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and creativity. Use the SLILA members’ directory to find a professional. All members hold SLILA-recognized qualifications in landscape architecture and are bound by the ethical and professional standards of the SLILA.