Vote of Thanks

Inaugural General meeting of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA)
Held at CHPB, Sunil Mawatha, Battaramulla on
24th July 2009

Ms.Shereen AmendraThis is indeed a momentous occasion, which has been long awaited by us as professionals in the discipline of Landscape Architecture. While having played our role and serving the varied needs of our field in making a better place, a healthy, aesthetic and meaningful environment, for very many years, we have finally matured to come to this present point. For this, we are grateful to many circumstances and many persons and institutions;

The Minister of Urban Development and Sacred Area Development was instrumental in presenting the Bill in Parliament on 7th May 2009, making available many facilities including giving us, the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects, an address to work from and the promise of support in order to start functioning as an Institute.

For this, we also greatly appreciate the support of the Chairman, Urban Development Authority, Directors-General both past and present and the personnel involved in making our Institute a reality. Thank you, Sirs, for your efforts and encouragement.

The preparation of the Bill was no mean exercise, and we are grateful to the officers of the Legal Draftsmen's Department for extending themselves towards bringing this to fruition.

To all support staff and those who have supported us in our endeavour with their encouragement and best wishes, we also say thank you all. While hoping you will continue to look to our favourable future.

Finally, although not considered elegant or polite to pat ourselves on the back, I would venture to say thank you to all of ourselves, for coming together as members to make our Institute a reality. May we have the strength to support each other with respect and gratitude to conduct ourselves with professionalism in the Institute and grow.

Shereen Amendra
Honorary Secretary, SLILA