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Procedure For Application For Membership


1.  Applicants should use only the official application form issued by the Institute. Applications made on any other form, such as photocopies of the form, will be rejected.

2.  All information contained in the application should be neatly and clearly typed or hand-written. If any part is illegible, the application will be rejected.

3. The postal address given by the applicant will be used in all correspondence. If there is any change of address, the Institute should be notified immediately. Forwarding of all correspondence to the last given address is considered proof of delivery.

 4. Applicants are reminded of the importance of supplying all the information asked for and they are specially requested to ensure that official position held, giving dates including month and year, together with names of employing authorities, are clearly indicated, An application form can only be assessed in the light of the information supplied and the onus is on the applicant to present this in such a way as to adequately convey the exact nature of his qualifications, and where necessary, the extent of experience gained, with clarity and precision.

 5. At any time, if it is proven that the information given in the application is not true or accurate, the Institute has the power to reject such application if the inaccuracy is detected before the application is considered, or to remove such persons from membership of the Institute if the inaccuracy is detected after the person is elected to any grade of membership. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the candidate that he/she provides only authentic and verifiable information.

6. No originals of any testimonials and certificates should be sent along with the application. However, certified photocopies of all such documents should be attached. It would be sufficient if one of the sponsors, i.e. the proposer or the seconder, certifies the authenticity of a photocopy. In the case of such documents in languages other than English, a translation certified by a sworn translator should be submitted.

7. Only post-secondary educational qualifications need be given when filling the application form.

8. It is incumbent upon the applicant to see that the proposer and the seconder, who are corporate members of the Institute, initial each part of each relevant section of the application. One of the sponsors should, wherever possible, be the Head of the organization in which the candidate is employed, provided such Head is a corporate member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects.

9.  An application for any grade of membership must not be submitted prior to full compliance with the requirement as to academic status and the minimum period of total experience, etc. at the time of submission. The application should be in full conformity with the current membership criteria of the Institute. Applications submitted prematurely will not be accepted for earlier consideration and may be returned.

10. All applications received by the Secretary will be forwarded to the Membership Committee to make recommendations to the Council of the Institute on each individual application, in the light of the information given and also, if necessary, after making such further inquiries as the Membership Committee sees fit to make.

11. Where necessary, an applicant may be asked to attend an interview before the Membership Committee of the Institute, at his/her own expense, prior to a final recommendation being made of his/her application to the Council.

12. The Council will consider the recommendation of the Membership Committee in taking the final decision on an application. However, the Council is not bound to state reasons for its decisions.

13. Registration and subscription fees are payable only on election, and no money should be sent with the application.

14. Incomplete applications will be processed and will be returned to the applicant.

15. Applications will be acknowledged as soon as possible after receipt. Successful applicants will be notified of their election and of the subscription due, after the appropriate Council meeting.

16. All correspondence regarding membership applications must be addressed to the Secretary of the Institute.

17. A certificate of membership will be issued to newly elected members on receipt of the registration fee and the subscription for the year of election.


18.  Two corporate members (Fellows or Members) should propose and second each candidate for any grade of membership and they must be fully satisfied with all statements made by the applicant. They may request the candidate to produce documentary evidence when in doubt. Each proposer and seconder should see that he signs in all relevant places of the candidate’s application form.

19.  Proposers and Seconders should peruse the certificates and other documents attached by an applicant to his application. As applicants should not submit originals of certificates, the proposers and seconders should check the authenticity of the photocopies submitted and certify them as true copies by placing their signatures on them.

20. When recommending candidates for various grades of membership, proposers and seconders should be fully satisfied that an applicant complies with the current membership criteria of the Institute for the selected grade.

21.In recommending an application of a candidate for the grade of Member, the proposer and seconder should be fully satisfied that the applicant’s professional experience conforms to what the Institute expects.