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Inaugural Council of the Institute for the year 2009

President Landscape Architect Hester Basnayake
President-elect Landscape Architect/Archt. Shiranee Balasuriya
Vice-President Landscape Architect Priyanka Ranatunge
Secretary Landscape Architect/Archt. Shereen Amendra
Treasurer Landscape Architect/Plnr. D. Hettiarachchi
Asst. Secretary Landscape Architect Chandana Kalupahana
Asst. Treasurer Landscape Architect/Plnr. Radha de Silva

Council Members
Landscape Architect/Plnr. K.A.D. Chandradasa
Landscape Architect/Eng. Susira Udalamaththe
Landscape Architect Sanka Wimaladharma
Landscape Architect Wasana Dharmadasa


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president at slila.lk            secretary at slila.lk        treasurer at slila.lk