Why Landscape Architecture?

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IFLA Education Report

Recommended minimum qualifications to practice as a landscape architect prepared by the Education Committee, May 26th, 1985

1. Introduction
This document sets out general objectives and possible methods of education and training for individuals intending to become landscape architects. Member associations of IFLA are encouraged to accept these proposals as being sufficiently flexible to take account of the educational facilities and special needs of individual countries.

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Definition of the Profession of Landscape Architect for the International Standard Classification of Occupations / International Labour Office / Geneva

Final Version approved by the World Council 2003, Banff / Canada of the International Federation of Landscape Architects, IFLA

(the PDF version of this document is available here)


Landscape Architects conduct research and advise on planning, design and stewardship of the outdoor
environment and spaces, both within and beyond the built environment, and its conservation and sustainability of
development. For the profession of landscape architect, a degree in landscape architecture is required.