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Message from IFLA

Dr. Diane MenziesThe birth of a new association of landscape architects in a country previously without one is a very happy occasion for the International Federation of Landscape Architects. It means that there will be an organisation to foster the highest standards of education for the profession and encourage the introduction of new education courses. It means that an umbrella group is able to represent the interests of its members and promote the profession. It also means that systems can be introduced to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained and in the future the public can be assured their interests can be protected through a disciplinary system. All these aspects  signify that landscape architecture is indeed now a profession in Sri Lanka.

I congratulate the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA) on their inaugural ceremony on 13 August 2009. The profession can now foster the breadth of professional activities in Sri Lanka, from landscape planning, landscape assessment and policy development through the design aspects of landscape architecture to the landscape management and monitoring roles of the profession.

The inauguration of SLILA is good news for the people and landscapes of Sri Lanka. Greater expertise in landscape planning and management is now developing and people's values about the places they live in and are attached to, be they physical, spiritual or cultural matters can be better considered when changes are proposed.

The support of the International Federation of Landscape Architects is offered to link SLILA with landscape architects and opportunities throughout the world.

Dr Diane Menzies
International Federation of Landscape Architects


3 August 2009