Mission Statement

Constitution of the Institute

The Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (Incorporation) Act No.33 of 2009 read together with the foregoing rules of the Institute will generally be referred to as the Constitution of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects.

General Objectives of the Institute

  • to develop the profession of landscape architecture in Sri Lanka to internationally accepted standards.
  • to provide leadership and guidance to the profession and to facilitate the profession in fulfilling its vital role in the process of sustainable development, conserving and improving the environment, integrating natural systems and applying relevant arts and sciences in service to society.

Functions of the Institute

  • to promote and advance the study of,  and research in, landscape architecture and its related subjects and the arts and sciences connected therewith.
  • to promote, establish and maintain close relations with the profession worldwide, including the international exchange of knowledge, skills and experience in both educational and professional spheres.
  • to establish and maintain the highest possible standards of professional practice in planning, designing, development. management and conservation of the landscape, along with other relevant professionals and professional bodies.
  • to organize, supervise and control the admission and the professional education and training of persons desiring to qualify as landscape architects, to prescribe or approve courses of study for the qualifying examinations for membership of the Institute and to conduct or provide for the conduct of such courses and examinations.
  • to protect and promote the interests, status, welfare, rights and privileges of the profession of landscape architects in Sri Lanka and the interests of the public in relation to that profession, and of persons desiring to qualify as landscape architects.
  • to establish, regulate and maintain libraries and benefit schemes for the benefit of members, officers and employees and their dependents.