Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects

Message from Honorable Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

Hon.Minister Dinesh GunawardenaI am very glad, as Minister of Urban Development & Sacred Area Development, to have been instrumental in the establishment of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects and to be the Chief Guest on the occasion of its ceremonial inauguration. Our Ministry has long recognized the need for this specialized expertise in planning and development efforts throughout Sri Lanka, and trust that there will be fruitful mutual co-operation between landscape architectural professionals and all related professionals in the future.



Message from The President, SLILA

Mrs.Hester BasnayakeIt is a privilege to be the first President of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects and to convey this message to all present on this momentous occasion of the ceremonial inauguration of the institute. On behalf of the Council and members of SLILA, I wish to record our sincere gratitude to Honorable Dinesh Gunawardena, Minister of Urban Development and Sacred Area Development, who encouraged us, presented our Act in Parliament, and consented to be our Chief Guest. We are also grateful to all our other invitees, especially those dignitaries and academics or their distinguished representatives who have made time to be with us. 



Message from IFLA

Dr. Diane MenziesThe birth of a new association of landscape architects in a country previously without one is a very happy occasion for the International Federation of Landscape Architects. It means that there will be an organisation to foster the highest standards of education for the profession and encourage the introduction of new education courses. It means that an umbrella group is able to represent the interests of its members and promote the profession. It also means that systems can be introduced to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained and in the future the public can be assured their interests can be protected through a disciplinary system. All these aspects  signify that landscape architecture is indeed now a profession in Sri Lanka.



President Elect's Message

Inaugural General meeting of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA)

Friday 24th July 2009

The Future of Landscape Architecture is Ours!

President Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA),
My dear past students,
New Members at the head table,
Council members,
Members of SLILA.

Ms.Shiranee Balasuriya

It is indeed a privilege to be able to address you on this historic Day when we are just about to carve the first page of the Profession of Landscape Architecture! We are overjoyed and most thankful to the president SLILA, who with her energetic Team of landscape architects made today a REALITY! It has been a decade of hard work! And today we are reaping the harvest!



Vote of Thanks

Inaugural General meeting of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA)
Held at CHPB, Sunil Mawatha, Battaramulla on
24th July 2009

Ms.Shereen AmendraThis is indeed a momentous occasion, which has been long awaited by us as professionals in the discipline of Landscape Architecture. While having played our role and serving the varied needs of our field in making a better place, a healthy, aesthetic and meaningful environment, for very many years, we have finally matured to come to this present point. For this, we are grateful to many circumstances and many persons and institutions;



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