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Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects is the sole authorized body established under the Parliamentary act No,33 of 2009 by The Democratic socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA) is entitled to the following objectives to conduct;

  • To Develop the profession of landscape Architecture in Sri Lanka to the internationally accepted standards.
  • To provide leadership and guidance to the profession and to facilitate the profession in fulfilling its vital role in the process of sustainable development, conserving and improving the environment, integrating natural systems, and applying relevant arts and sciences in service to society.

As a non-profit professional association, SLILA’s role is to serve the mutual interests of its members and to serve for well-being of the profession of landscape architecture in Sri Lanka.

History and the constitution

The Year 2009 was a significant year for the Architecture profession in Sri Lanka with the conception of the SLILA. Dr. Diane Menzie graced our first Council Meeting of the institution, which was successfully organized under her guidance advisees. Sri Lanka became the 62nd member country in the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) in 2011.

Inaugural Council of the Institute for the year 2009


Landscape Architect Hester Basnayake


Landscape Architect/Archt. Shiranee Balasuriya


Landscape Architect Priyanka Ranatunge


Landscape Architect/Archt. Shereen Amendra


Landscape Architect/Plnr. D. Hettiarachchi

Asst. Secretary

Landscape Architect Chandana Kalupahana

Asst. Treasurer

Landscape Architect/Plnr. Radha de Silva

Council Members

Landscape Architect/Plnr. K.A.D. Chandradasa
Landscape Architect/Eng. Susira Udalamaththe
Landscape Architect Sanka Wimaladharma
Landscape Architect Wasana Dharmadasa

Functions of the Institute

  • to promote and advance the study of, A and research in, landscape architecture and its related subjects and the arts and sciences connected therewith.
  • to promote, establish and maintain close relations with the profession worldwide, including the international exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience in both educational and professional spheres.
  • to establish and maintain the highest possible standards of professional practice in planning, designing, and development. management and conservation of the landscape, along with other relevant professionals and professional bodies.
  • to organize, supervise and control the admission and the professional education and training of persons desiring to qualify as landscape architects, to prescribe or approve courses of study for the qualifying examinations for membership of the Institute and to conduct or provide for the conduct of such courses and examinations.
  • to protect and promote the interests, status, welfare, rights, and privileges of the profession of landscape architects in Sri Lanka and the interests of the public in relation to that profession, and of persons desiring to qualify as landscape architects.
  • to establish, regulate and maintain libraries and benefit schemes for the benefit of members, officers, employees, and their dependents.



L. Arc. Priyanka Ranatunga

Contact no :(094) 113 900 599 / (094) 718 565 047

Email : priyanka_nature@hotmail.com

Honorary Secretary

Archt., L.Arct. Chamara Liyanage

Contact no : (094) 342 224 891 / (094) 718 685 313

Email : chamara.arch@gmail.com

Immediate Past President:

L.Arct. K. A. D. Chandradasa

Contact no : (094) 112 400 050 / (094) 773 874 582

Email : actingkad@yahoo.com


L.Arct. Champa Liyanage

Contact no : (094) 773 487 283

Email : champaliyanage@hotmail.com


L.Arct. Rohini Gunathilaka

Contact no : (094) 362 267 828 / (094) 711 364 952

Email : rohini.kanthi.gunathilaka@gmail.com

Honorary Treasurer:

L.Arct. Pemil Jayawardhana

Contact no : (094) 779 161 526

Email : pemiljayawardana@gmail.com

Assistant Secretary:

L.Arct. Kowshika Gunasena

Contact no : (094) 718 446 956

Email : kowshikag@yahoo.com

Assistant Treasurer:

L.Arct. Chathuranga Silva

Contact no : (094) 312 233 033 / (094) 771 464 656

Email : akwearch@gmail.com


Board of Landscape Architectural Education [BLAE]

The Board of Landscape Architectural Education (BLAE) shall provide guidance on establishing professional education in the field of Landscape Architecture and ensure continuing professional development (CPD) of landscape architects and standards of all membership categories of SLILA, in support of the Institute’s objectives. Main tasks of the Board of Landscape Architectural Education listed as follows;

  • Conduct, Develop and review the Landscape Architecture Charter Program annually for the eligible candidates, facilitate the Charter Program and its’ resource persons and conduct Examinations and assessments.
  • Consider and respond to material passed to it from other committees, members of the Institute and the Secretariat, and identify and consider any other issues arising from or impacting on the SLILA activities within education and continuing professional development, prioritizing and apportioning tasks accordingly.
  • Coordinate the SLILA responses to consultative documents issued by external bodies, which may influence the SLILA policies on education, CPD or membership, and coordinate the appropriate representation on external bodies, committees and working groups.
  • Monitor and review the content of the institute’s material relating to education and skills, including all relevant policy and position statements.
  • With the approval of the BLAE, set up working groups and sub committees in support of the Board’s Terms of Reference and objectives, and monitor and coordinate their activity, receiving reports and making recommendations to the SLILA for approval as appropriate.
  • Determine levels of educational and professional competence required for membership.
  • Monitor and advise on the Institute’s standards and procedures for admission to its membership grades.

International Affairs Committee [IA]

The role of International Affairs Standing Committee is providing the strategic direction and leadership to ensure the affiliation with IFLA, other international institutes and bodies. Also, the International Affairs Standing Committee sets out to increase the awareness among the membership of SLILA about the international opportunities, representation and news. The International Affairs Standing Committee is accountable for:

  • Fostering collaboration between IFLA, Other International bodies and SLILA.
  • Raise awareness about the International activities of the field of Landscape Architecture.
  • Encourage the membership of SLILA to represent the country in International Caliber.

Media, Publicity and Awareness Committee [MPA]

The Media, Publicity and Awareness committee play an important role in bring closer the SLILA image to the general public. Here the Committee is responsible in delivering the SLILA active and positive public image to the General community, apart from that institute itself need to maintain its public image for the Professional courtesy of Landscape Architectural Practice in Sri lanka. The committee is accountable to perform the following tasks;

  • The key task is to take care of all kinds of awareness campaigns and publicity works.
  • Responsible of deliverance of the positive image of the institute to the public.
  • Declared and continue the Institute Vision, Mission and its objectives to the general public through modes of Social Media platforms, Web site and Printed Media.
  • Acknowledge of its members and the public on the Institute important updates.
  • Conducting, Coordination & Supervision of the events which related with the public image of SLILA, media coverage of related events and events coordination.
  • Conducting of CSR (Cooperate Socially Responsible) Projects.

Financial Affairs nad Logistics Committee [FAL]

Financial Affairs and Logistic Committee shall provide it’s support and guidance in the management, supervision of all the financial process of the institute. The committee itself always oversee the financial actions of the institute has taken and has the fullest authorization of commencing and implementation. Following task have been allocated for the committee to perform;

  • Management and supervision of all the financial flow of the institute along with the institute treasuries.
  • Maintain and update the financial accounts in a transparency mode.
  • Conduct financial audits for each consecutive year along with the external auditing resource persons or firms.
  • Regulation of the all the financial activities within in the Institute, maintaining Bank accounts, all assets and documentation.
  • Annual Membership Fee collection and acknowledgment of all the financial updates to its members.

Membership Affairs Committee [MA]

The Membership Affairs Committee will assist in the preparation, selection and management of the membership criteria of the institute. Here the committee has its fullest authority and responsibility in membership selection of the particular individuals, following task has been allocated for the institute.

  • Membership selection criteria, management and monitoring and ratification.
  • Maintain and updating of the memberships.
  • Application review process, submitting to the council for the final verification.
  • Establishment of membership fees.

Policy Advisory and Constitutional Affairs Committee [PACA]

Policy advisory and Constitutional affairs committee plays an important role in the preparation of rules and regulations which are associated with the Institute Act, Rules & Regulations and Internal Policies. And the committee has the highest authorization for shaping the institute’s structure.

  • Update on acts, rules and regulations and implementation of internal policies to its members.
  • Update and acknowledge the members on the national policy changes regarding the landscape architectural matters.
  • Advisory duties to such government organizations in relation with the landscape architectural matters.
  • Preparation, Amendments and internal advisory to the institute and its members.
  • Advisory to the Council and its members regarding the Improvement of the landscape architecture.

Landscape Architectural Practices and Consultancy Coordination Committee(LAPCC)

Landscape architectural practices and consultancy coordination committee has more potential in relation with the landscape architectural practices, the committee has the full potential to implement code of conducts on the landscape architectural professional practice. The following include the committees’ scope of work to enlighten their members for a better practice.

  • Registration of Landscape Architects’ Practices.
  • Regulation of the Landscape architects’ fee scales.
  • Seek of Consultancy opportunities in government and private sector.
  • Being vigilant and update on the government regulations regarding the landscape practice to its members and acknowledgement.

Honorary Fellows


Honorary fellow of the Sri Lanka Association of Landscape Architects Dr Byrom had his Architectural education in University of Sydney Australia ( 1958,) Landscape Architectural education in University of Edinburgh (1964), completed his Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh(1976) and was awarded honorary fellow of University of Edinburgh in 1995. He held the post of Director Landscape Studies at the University of Edinburgh,UK.

He was the recipient of several awards, authored numerous books, research papers, conducted workshops and lecturers in many countries. In 1982-83 he was the Landscape Consultant to UNESCO Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Project at Sigiriya.

Dr Byrom has been associated with the Department of Architectures, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka long before the commencement of Landscape Architectural education in Sri Lanka, when he visited the department as a Landscape Consultant to the Commonwealth Association of Architects ( C.A.A.) (1976-1982) and conducted workshops for the Architectural students of the Department. He has been the adviser & counselor of the two year full time Masters in Landscape Design and continued to support the four year honours undergraduate Programme where he was associated as the much loved guest lecturer and external moderator at the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) examinations from 2013 till 2019.



Eminent Prof. Nimal De Silva is an emeritus professor of architecture, chartered architect, a well-renowned archaeologist, art historian, UNESCO consultant on world heritage, and architectural conservation specialist with over forty years of professional experience. He was the former Dean and Senior Professor of the University of Moratuwa, former Director General of the Central Cultural Fund and Cultural Triangle, Member of the advisory board of Departments of Archaeology and National Museums, member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects, Royal Institute of British Architects and Sri Lanka Council of Archaeologists. Also, he was the honorary president of ICOMOS (Sri Lanka) & the international president of the ICOMOS Scientific Committee on wall paintings, former Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology & Research of the University of Kelaniya, former chairman of the Urban Development Authority & National Design Centre for Crafts, president of the National Trust Sri Lanka and an author of several books and research publications.


Dr. Diane Menzies is a past president of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects and was elected to Life Member status in 2005. She was appointed to the Environment Court of New Zealand as a Commissioner in 2001. Diane was elected President of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) in 2006, serving two terms as President, and was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to the environment in 2008.

Past Presidents

L.Arct. Hester Basnayake

[2009 – 2011]

L.Arct., Prof. Shirani Balasuriya

[2011 – 2013]

L.Arct. Shereen Amendra

[2013 – 2015]

L.Arct. Mohini Radha De Silva

[2015 – 2017]

L.Arct. Dayananda Hettiarachchi

[2017 – 2019]

L.Arct. K. A. D. Chandradasa

[2019 – 2021]