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Role of Landscape Architects

Sri Lankan Landscape Architectural Disciplinary field is yet to become one of the most promising professions along with the associated professions such as architects, Engineers, and Quantity surveyors, etc. The landscape architecture profession is a multidisciplinary profession that deals with creating and forming, managing the exterior environment in the most aesthetic and optimum manner without any distortion to the existing flora and fauna.

In addition to creating and managing the natural environment, landscape architects also design communities, towns, and cities. Basically, landscape architecture is the design of outdoor spaces, landmarks, and buildings for environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic purposes. It includes both hardscapes and softscapes. Therefore, the role of the landscape architect includes conducting research and advice on planning, design, and stewardship of the outdoor environment and spaces, both within and beyond the built environment and its conservation and sustainability of development. It includes the creation of new landscapes and, the management, and conservation of natural and heritage landscapes.

How we became Landscape Architect

In order to be a landscape architect, it’s a must that a particularly interested individual should take part in the accredited Landscape architecture degree program under 4 years or a MSc in landscape design at the university of Moratuwa within 2 years of time periods of comprehensive, dedication and commitment throughout the academic studies. Currently, Only the university of Moratuwa provides 4 years of BLA (Hons) Degree which is highly anticipated where currently over 200 graduates have passed out and actively take part in the institute. After graduation with 2 years of industrial practice, the individual needs to engage with the professional charter program under the institute to become a corporate member of the institute.